How To Play Go Goated

1. Select A Loadout

Select A Loadout Go Goated Fortnite Creative

2. Choose Your Team

Play Go Goated Fortnite Creative

3. Fight For Victory

Hacks Go Goated Fortnite Creative

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  • Go Goated is a fast-paced team zone-wars game. Combining close proximity with Battle Royale gameplay forces players into action until one team reigns victorious.
  • Absolutely! Anyone can play Go Goated freely within the Fortnite Creative platform.
  • Go Goated is not affiliated with EPIC games. However developers work closely with EPIC to provide the best experience to all players!
  • The map code for 3v3v3v3 Go Goated is 3305-1551-7747.


@TeIefono_ The minigun was a glitched item and wasn't intentionally in the game. This is part of the reason the inventory was reset unfortunately

        Go Goated!